Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELIZE Invest Solutions?

ELIZE Invest Solutions is an analytic company wich also involved in trading and investing in a variety of financial assets, including FOREX, commodities, stocks and index derivatives. ELIZE Invest Solutions is also involved in several other activities, such as, but not limited to, corporate analysis, credit analysis, financial planning and management.

Will you manage my trading account for me?

ELIZE Invest Solutions is not a certified financial or investment adviser, it is not a broker and it is not regulated by any financial regulatory authority. Therefore, ELIZE Invest Solutions is not involved in account management. ELIZE Invest Solutions will never ask for your account credentials and/or your personal information.

What is your trading methodology?

ELIZE Invest Solutions uses a combination of technical, mathematical, neural network and inter-market analysis to analyze the markets. Based on those analyses, trading decisions are made in accordance with a complicated, well-defined and strict money management technique.

How is your research organized?

Every day detailed daily reports are prepared for several financial instruments. During the week, and according to the respective developments on the markets, intra-week updates are posted. The reports, together with the updates are accessible under the Forecasts section, which also includes commentary on important macroeconomic events, that affect the valuations of the respective financial instruments.

Can you teach me how to trade the financial markets?

ELIZE Invest Solutions does offer on-demand financial trading coaching. It offers practice-based education through the materials posted under the Blog section of this website and through the materials posted under the Education section of this website. Traders who seek to compare their analyses with others, in order to gain more confidence, or consider alternative opinions, can use those educational materials for their own benefit.

Refund policy

Because premium members immediately benefit from the knowledge of the stats, analytics and premium newsletter content they purchase, we do not give refunds. You should recognize that investing and trading is a marathon, not a sprint so every last piece of information that can help you learn along the way and give you “an edge” over your competitors is worth investing in, especially when that information costs less per month than a night out of dinner and drinks aka invest in your education!