ELIZE Solutions

The new horizons for investment.

A complex of innovative products for achievement of the desirable purposes in any financial markets.

The checked trade opportunities for those who want to be successful.

Our services

ELIZE Invest Solutions research includes:

– Technical chart analysis to determine the direction of price movement and goals
– The forecast based on data from neural networks ELIZE
– Unique mathematical formulas to predict market makers directions
– Risk Management

Trade opportunities

Elize Invest Solutions doesn’t specify direct trading signals, and shows the preferable direction of trade, being guided by present circumstances of the market. You will be able to apply the analytical information obtained from us to confirmation of the vision of the markets or to develop fresh trade strategy.


Only this way you will be able to become a professional.
To become the professional of the market — the investor or the trader and to reach the desirable level of the income — it is necessary to gain knowledge. It isn’t obligatory for you to be the certified trader and to have MBA degree on a financial analysis. Training takes place both internally, and online — enhance the knowledge, being worldwide.


End-to-End Partnership
Not just a platform, but a partnership. We work hand-in-hand with your team to solve your business problems, through a multitude of use cases.With a dedicated data scientist and expert user of our platform on your team, we maximize your potential and smooth your path to AI nirvana.

What we offer

We provide investment services on a global basis. We are the business network with automated Artificial Intelligence solutions. Through access to our company’s services and offers, we provide our clients with global resources.


  • Risk Management Portfolio

  • Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

  • Financial and Retirement Planning

  • An automated machine learning platform

  • Long Term Care – Life


“I would like to thank Elize Invest Solutions team for their support and quality research. Please keep up the good work…”

Robert Long


The relevance of our approach has been time-tested and proven on major asset classes, in all market configurations. It is suitable for all investment ranges from daily to long-term.