Wealth Management

Automated Machine Learning

Drives Wealth Management Innovation

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Wealth Management

Capturing greater share of existing client assets, and attracting new clients, continues to be a primary focus of wealth management advisory companies. In today’s always-connected, hypercompetitive financial services environment, developing new investment products that reach and engage new clients is a huge need.

Learn How Wealth Management use Automated Machine Learning

Robo-advisors have expanded the market for portfolio management by providing new clients with the right opportunities to match their risk tolerance and financial profile. ELIZE Solutions capabilities to rapidly test and deploy predictive algorithms can be used to automatically rebalance portfolios with little human intervention, and help wealth managers match the right customer with the right product.



Discover how AI can drive results.


Passive investment vehicles are the giant sucking sounds in the market. Tapping innovation, like Machine Learning A.I., will differentiate Wealth Managers and Capital firms while yielding a path to high performance.
ELIZE Solutions Professional Suite provides the new capabilities for Active professionals.

 Key Findings from Case Studies:

  • Information Advantages: expand the mix of alpha generating strategies
  • Alternative Idea Generation at Merril Lynch: “We like it because it takes us into something we don’t really do“
  • Risk Management at NYSE MAC: Analyze and alert on existing equity portfolio for relevant events, and support / resistance thresholds
  • Efficient Workflow: supplement the efforts of human investment decisions; empowered with A.I. tools
  • Fraction of the cost to hire a live quantitative-equity portfolio manager

Elize Solutions Cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services

To deliver Elize Solutions Cloud, we have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. The flexibility and scale of the AWS platform enables Elize Solutions to deliver a robust, secure, on-demand platform to our customers. This allows rapid deployment of Elize Solutions and allows our users to quickly build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time.