Become an AI-Driven Enterprise
with Automated Machine


Building a competitive advantage with AI

Elize Solutions offers an automated machine learning platform, as well as services and education to jumpstart your transformation to an AI-driven enterprise. The ability to truly democratize the process is perhaps the most important element of any enterprise machine learning platform. Elize Solutions automates the entire modeling lifecycle, enabling users to quickly and easily build highly accurate predictive models. The only ingredients needed are curiosity and data — coding and machine learning skills are completely optional!
Simply put, the world’s most advanced enterprise automated machine learning platform

At Elize Solutions, we recognize these four fundamentals to AI success:

Maintain a laser focus on measurable impact to earnings

Teach the entire organization to spot AI opportunities

Accelerate AI wins by enabling more users and addressing more projects

Seek and destroy all barriers to AI innovation

Elize transforms model building

Keeping up with the ever-growing ecosystem of algorithms has never been this easy



Impact the bottom line

Data is the key to jumping ahead of your competition. Elize Solutions delivers that competitive advantage by providing an accelerated machine learning platform that increases the accuracy of your predictive models. Elize Solutions makes it easy to turn mounds of data into actionable information that impacts your bottom line. Better models and control of the data science process translates into immediate cost savings and new revenue opportunities. With Elize Solutions, you no longer have to rely on expensive third-party consulting firms to stay on top of your analytics outcomes.


While automation and speed usually come at the expense of quality, Elize Solutions uniquely delivers on all those fronts. Elize Solutions automatically searches through millions of combinations of algorithms, data preprocessing steps, transformations, features, and tuning parameters for the best machine learning model for your data. Each model is unique — fine-tuned for the specific dataset and prediction target.
The intuitive web-based interface allows anyone to interact with a very powerful platform, regardless of skill-level and machine learning experience. Users can drag-and-drop then let Elize Solutions do all the work or they can write their own models for evaluation by the platform.
Large datasets? Wide datasets? No problem. The speed and scalability of modeling is limited only by the computational resources at Elize Solution’s disposal. With all this power, the work that used to take months is now finished in just hours.
Keeping up with the growing ecosystem of machine learning algorithms has never been this easy. Elize Solutions is constantly expanding its vast set of diverse, best-in-class algorithms, giving users the best set of analytics tools for predictive challenges. With a simple click of the Start button, users can deploy techniques they have never used before or may not even be familiar with.



Now that machine learning impacts an ever-increasing number of business processes, it is no longer optional to treat it as a developer’s tool with minimal security, privacy and business continuity safeguards. In fact, it is critical that a platform for building and deploying models is hardened, can be trusted and integrates well with the ecosystem of technologies within an organization.

The Elize Solutions Difference

End-to-End PartnershipBusiness-Aligned EducationCustomized Packages and Solutions
Not just a platform, but a partnership. We work hand-in-hand with your team to solve your business problems, through a multitude of use cases. With a dedicated data scientist and expert user of our platform on your team, we maximize your potential and smooth your path to AI nirvana.
Selecting the right machine learning projects driven by business users is critical to success and maximizing earnings. Elize Solutions University teaches business executives how to spot these opportunities and execute on those projects. You will have conversations that are essential to delivering results, and challenge your data science team with meaningful, business-driven questions.
To ensure pervasive AI aligns to your ambition, scale, and complexity level, we will craft the right package of software, services and education. A dedicated Customer Facing Data Scientist (CFDS), customized training and the correct software configuration — cloud or on-premise — means you focus on results, not implementation detail.

Elize Solutions Cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services

To deliver Elize Solutions Cloud, we have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. The flexibility and scale of the AWS platform enables Elize Solutions to deliver a robust, secure, on-demand platform to our customers. This allows rapid deployment of Elize Solutions and allows our users to quickly build and deploy highly accurate machine learning models in a fraction of the time.