S&P500 Double Top

The S & P 500 encountered a Fibo expansion of 161% and it stopped at the end of February. After a slight decline in the rally

SP500 Bearish Wicks

After hitting the 161% level the S&P500 has backed a small percent. SP500 could have created 3 bearish wicks out of the past 6-weeks, which is

What about Dollar?

Strong resistance or New support…??? Very interesting Level

Hui Gold Bugs at important level

The recent decline in the index led him to a 1-year uplink, where last week he could create a “weekly reversal pattern” (bull wick). This reversal

Crude Oil vs Nyse Index

Recently, we shared that “Crude Oil” has formed a bearish ascending wedge. If Crude gives way, can this affect the broader market? Investors may want to